Foster A Dog!

Foster A Dog!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster home for Colorado Rescue Tails! As a rescue, we rely solely on our fosters to house our animals! Becoming a foster is the best ways to help these former shelter animals! By opening up your heart and your home you are helping us save many dogs lives! On average you will have your foster for around 2 weeks, however there is no guaranteed time frame. There is no cost involved with fostering! The rescue will provide you will all necessary supplies – Food, Food bowls, Collars, Leashes, Toys, Treats, and all Medical Expenses! All you need to provide is Love and a Temporary Home! Please review the foster information below and then complete our foster application.

  • As a foster, you would temporarily take an animal into your home and give us a character assessment of the animal. 
  • Colorado Rescue Tails pays for needed medical attention (at our specified veterinarians) We provide the food, kennel, and any other supplies you may need. 
  • If the dog is not housetrained, we hope that you will do some basic training to help make the pet more adoptable. 
  • Most of the animals will be coming from shelters. We ask that you be patient with them and try to help them transition to their new roles as adoptable dogs in any ways needed. 
  • You can tell us the size, type, age, gender, etc. of the animals you would be willing to foster and we will try to match you to your preference. 
  • There is no guarantee on how long an animal will be with you, but we do everything within our power to get the animal into a permanent home as soon as they are ready. 
  • We post photos of the animals that we have available for adoption along with a small write-up about the animal.
  • We advertise/list our pets on our website,, along with social media including Facebook and Instagram. 
  • You are welcome to advertise your foster as well – however anyone who is interested in adopting your foster dog MUST complete our online application and be approved before taking the animal home.

We ask that you truly think about fostering before you decide to foster. 100% of the time when we bring in an animal to a foster home, we have NO OTHER place to put them. Please keep in mind that it will take us some time to find another foster home. We ask that you give your foster dog a minimum of 72 hours to adjust in your home, regardless of behavior. Dogs are completely adrenal coming off transports and need a quiet, calm environment, love and perhaps exercise to relax after the stressful transport and show their true personality. It’s important that you are willing to commit to each foster for a month. Dogs often and likely will find homes before that much time elapses, but it’s important that, barring certain pressing circumstances, you are committed to providing a stable and nurturing environment to a dog who may never have experienced this in their life. Inevitably sometimes a foster placement doesn’t work and is challenging, so we all work as a team to optimize everyone’s experience; you are never ‘stuck’ with your foster dog. But we may need a day or two to arrange another placement.

Foster Application